[App_rpt-users] Stepping on toes...

DuaneVT . selkie2 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 11 12:42:49 EDT 2016

I too have asked questions here concerning DIAL and been told curtly to go
elsewhere. As DIAL distros have all the files included and interface to the
FOBs and SBCs, where do we draw the line? I have followed all instructions
for installing the software and had fresh boot problems. It was hard to
tell where the problem was, but when I am new to Linux/DIAL and the whole
Allstar project, I looked for guidance where I found discussions. There is
an Allstar Link community on Google+, and you will see I have all except 1
postings! Crickets.........
Perhaps the moderator/users here could post a list of URLs for different
aspects of AllStar Link so us Newbies would know where to hang out.
I have had GREAT support from other listers here by direct email after each
post and I sincerely thank all who have taken an interest in someone who
has to learn as we all do.
Duane  KA1LM  #42996
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