[App_rpt-users] Regarding Forum environment and Allstarlink development

Loren Tedford lorentedford at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 19:22:53 EDT 2016

Greetings app_rpt I have decided to try and start a forum with easily
searchable titles etc.. In the forum if i get a chance or anyone else they
can add you tube videos..
I know its very basic and blah.. But it belongs to everyone.. I understand
if you don't want to use it because its not an official allstarlink project
or what ever.. I am hosting it on one of my web servers its no biggy here
and if we can get progress out of our group i call it a success..

I have shot the idea around to a couple of forums where i hang out about
allstarlnk or app_rpt development in regards to what it would take to bring
us at least some security patches and maybe even if we could update to a
newer version.. I will post anything we come across that might be helpful
here still in the mailing list but have decided to use the forum primarily
this gives everyone a fighting chance and keeps the app_rpt open for what
ever it might be needed for..

Here is my thoughts so far as far as in the development side..

1. Do we continue using asterisk as it is and just make program side
modifications to secure it..
2. What is our goal in two years?
3. How long can we operate the way we are on asterisk 1.4.23?
4. Does newer versions work with raspberry pies?
5. How much time if any is anyone willing to donate to working on this

Anything I get I will post here as soon as know anything..  At this point i
am not turning down any help to starting this project backup I will use any
suggestion whether your a ham or not.. I think the goal now is stability
and maintaining what we got.. Our future goal should be whether we go down
the path with asterisk or just design some thing with in the app_rpt that
will connect up with asterisk systems..

Just my two cents..

Loren Tedford (KC9ZHV)
Email: lorentedford at gmail.com
Email: KC9ZHV at KC9ZHV.com
http://Ltcraft.net <http://ltcraft.net/>
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