[App_rpt-users] Node 2424 - Bridgecom 220 Repeater is LIVE!

Ramesh Dhami (VA3UV) Ramesh at va3uv.com
Fri Jul 15 12:20:00 EDT 2016

Hi Guys:

Following my recent posts, I am happy to report that node 2424 is on-air 
again (this time using a pair of Bridgecom BCM220 mobiles / same 
hardware used in the BCR220 repeater!).

The audio out is nice and clean.... the Hum that I reported earlier this 
week was solved last night, on the suggestion of Jon, VA3RQ.  I was 
testing at home using a RPi (running 3 nodes ;). The Pi is powered from 
a Walwart and although the USB fob audio ground is connected through to 
the ground pin on the radio's DB15, there seemed to be a ground loop, 
which was solved by connecting the RPi ground to the power supply ground!

At the repeater site, I am using a HP SFF PC.  I am happy to report that 
after setting audio levels with an AeroFlex test set, the audio is 
crystal clear - very nice :)

I have a couple of issues that I need some help with:

1.  My nodes (2182 and 2424) are not showing up on the Allstar stats 
page - when I switch to CLI and do an 'iax2 reload' they appear to 
register fine and with the correct IP address.

2.  I like a nice quiet repeater, so prefer to use "talk through tone" 
(cop,58).  This is great in that we do not hear courtesy tones, 
telemetry messages, etc.  When the repeater is being used locally, the 
PL is sent, so we hear that (on a CTCSS enabled radio).  However, the PL 
is NOT sent when the repeater is passing "remote" audio (i.e., audio 
from remote hosts).  Can someone verify this behavior, is this "working 
as designed" or a bug?

Thanks to Jon (VA3RQ), Scott (N3XCC) and Kevin (W3KKC) for all of your 
help with this project over the past couple of weeks.


Ramesh, VA3UV

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