[App_rpt-users] trouble connecting

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Sat Jul 16 09:48:43 EDT 2016

Stumped, maybe because I've played with this stuff a lot over the last 7 
years...but...my ISP just changed my IP address. No longer can connect 
to anything and the last extnodes file was right before they made the 
change Thursday night. Might have been Wednesday, doesn't matter. There 
was nothing to change in the rpt.conf file, everything looks normal 
except the only obvious thing is that I'm not seeing rpt_extnodes 
updating. I put an entry in rpt.conf for a node I normally connect to 
(27891) and get /__auto_congest: Auto-congesting call due to slow response//
/Checked port forwarding rules on the Verizon router, and is normal. I 
also *can* connect to usual nodes via the echolink port./(W8VT is 27849 
and 606945 echo. echo works)

/Really stumped but operating under a medically induced handicap 
(fever). Anybody have any words of wisdom as to what I may be 
overlooking. Worked fine until Verizon re-did everything that night. /

/Again, thanks for bearing with me but this bug has me down and this 
isn't looking too clear to me.


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