[App_rpt-users] trouble connecting

George Csahanin george at dyb.com
Sat Jul 16 10:02:51 EDT 2016

Steve, I just started poking in the router and saw that Verizon has 
services on port 4567, and took a wild guess that they may be blocking 
some stuff. Moved my node to 4570 and it all works. Just about 5 minutes 

Go figure.


On 7/16/2016 9:52 AM, Steve Zingman wrote:
> George,
> What is the result of the Asterisk CLI command: iax2 show registry
> Lets start there
> On 07/16/2016 09:48 AM, George Csahanin wrote:
>> Stumped, maybe because I've played with this stuff a lot over the 
>> last 7 years...but...my ISP just changed my IP address. No longer can 
>> connect to anything and the last extnodes file was right before they 
>> made the change Thursday night. Might have been Wednesday, doesn't 
>> matter. There was nothing to change in the rpt.conf file, everything 
>> looks normal except the only obvious thing is that I'm not seeing 
>> rpt_extnodes updating. I put an entry in rpt.conf for a node I 
>> normally connect to (27891) and get /__auto_congest: Auto-congesting 
>> call due to slow response//
>> /Checked port forwarding rules on the Verizon router, and is normal. 
>> I also *can* connect to usual nodes via the echolink port./(W8VT is 
>> 27849 and 606945 echo. echo works)
>> /Really stumped but operating under a medically induced handicap 
>> (fever). Anybody have any words of wisdom as to what I may be 
>> overlooking. Worked fine until Verizon re-did everything that night. /
>> /Again, thanks for bearing with me but this bug has me down and this 
>> isn't looking too clear to me.
>> GeorgeC
>> W2DB
>> 2360/
>> /
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