[App_rpt-users] Outbound call problem! Unable to handle indication 13

Skyler F electricity440 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 21:43:37 EDT 2016

So I try to make an outbound call on my AllStar machine under a mikrotik
router, and I get "Connection Failed". The /tmp/rpt_extnodes is fine, and
it is reporting to AllStars nodelist and the stats server. Iax2 show
registry is good.

When I make an inbound connection to the node, it connects right up,
however, when I make an outbound conenction, I get this big error on any
node  :

channel.c:2447 ast_indicate_data: Unable to handle indication 13 for

The strange thing is that if an initial inbound connection is made, it is
fine for outbound connections on that particular node number.


1) no outbound, only inbound AllStar connections
2) Outbound works to the particular node only if an initial inbound
connection is made.

This problem just started, and I have no idea what would be causing it. I
DO have two nodes on the same IP, they are on different ports and I have
the ports forwarded to the specefic devices respectively.
Skyler KD0WHB

Skyler Fennell
electricity440 at gmail.com
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