[App_rpt-users] Outbound call problem! Unable to handleindication 13

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                Thanks for your reply. I would assume that an ALG would be acceptable, so it would not be necessary to make such a sweeping arrangement of ports, but I had just thrown that in there to get it working.  This is connected to a cable modem, which seems to go up and down at various times, and has worked relatively well in keeping up with any issues. Really hasn’t’ been any trouble with it, seems plenty overkill and reliable.


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Forget what I said about RTP, I see you are using SIP. However, depending on your SIP server, you should not need that many connections. There are only 4 streams used per contact, so 100 streams should be suffient. Make sure the RTP are set on both the router and the asterisk server.
Eric – ve3ei

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This is what I have for my node:

add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="Allstar Link IAX2" dst-port=4569 in-interface=ether1-gateway protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=4569
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="Allstarlink chan_echolink" dst-port=5198-5199 in-interface=ether1-gateway protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=5198-5199
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="Allstarlink SIP" dst-port=5060 in-interface=ether1-gateway protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=5060
add action=dst-nat chain=dstnat comment="Allstarlink RTP" dst-port=10000-65535 in-interface=ether1-gateway protocol=udp to-addresses= to-ports=10000-65535

I am not running a src nat for the IAX port outbound. I have the rule in the chain but disabled, so I must have determined I didn't need it.

It either does PAT correctly in the background, or isn't natting that port:

220controller*CLI> iax2 show registry
Host                  dnsmgr  Username    Perceived             Refresh  State   Y       27709        60  Registered

I installed the MicroTIK router to replace an Adtran device which was utter trash and refused to do a static PAT, and it's been working swell since, to the best of my knowledge.

If there's some reason I should be doing a source NAT for that port, I guess, let me know? I suppose it would only make a difference if I'm operating multiple nodes and didn't want to connect them together internally.


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