[App_rpt-users] Levels

Robert Newberry N1XBM at amsat.org
Mon Jul 18 21:49:46 EDT 2016

Does anyone on this list have problems with people saying the level sounds
a bit soft on their repeater? I set mine using the "preferred method" with
a calibrated servicr monitor, outlined on the allstar page. Basically 3khz
in 3khz out. All of the repeaters I setup I can change channels on my radio
and the levels are equal and sound right to me. I run my radio at half
volume. The people complaining about my levels are basing this on what they
hear by ear in their car and compare me to to repeaters that were set up by
people using their ear and not test gear.

I'm basically holding the line and reluctant to budge, but maybe I'm
missing something, such as is using that method for setup a little stingey
on the level? I'm confident I'm setup right, but I'm scratching my head on
the comments.

Apparare Scientor
Paratus Communicare
Allstar Node # 27086, 41540, 41812, 42086, 42658, 42657
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