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Scott Zimmerman n3xcc at repeater-builder.com
Tue Jul 19 20:05:22 EDT 2016

I typically "push the envelope" just a bit and set the transmit level for 3.2KHz. This gives the 
system about 10% gain.

I have done this for years with analog controllers it always seemed to give the audio a bit more 
"punch" since it was hitting the limiter just a bit harder on the voice peaks. It also helps bring 
those folks that are a bit low in deviation up just a bit.

Depending on how you are feeding transmit audio to your radio, you may or may not have the same 
"punch" type effect with App-rpt. If you are feeding the radio's mic input, then you would be 
feeding the radio non-processed audio injected before any of the radio's audio processing chain thus 
the limiter internal to the radio will be doing the limiting.

If you are feeding the modulator directly and letting app-rpt handle the processing, the only thing 
the additional 10% will do is increase the deviation on the channel. It will do nothing to change 
how the audio is processed.

For a good read on audio processing in two-way radio, check out this article:


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On 7/18/2016 9:49 PM, Robert Newberry wrote:
> Does anyone on this list have problems with people saying the level sounds a bit soft on their
> repeater? I set mine using the "preferred method" with a calibrated servicr monitor, outlined on the
> allstar page. Basically 3khz in 3khz out. All of the repeaters I setup I can change channels on my
> radio and the levels are equal and sound right to me. I run my radio at half volume. The people
> complaining about my levels are basing this on what they hear by ear in their car and compare me to
> to repeaters that were set up by people using their ear and not test gear.
> I'm basically holding the line and reluctant to budge, but maybe I'm missing something, such as is
> using that method for setup a little stingey on the level? I'm confident I'm setup right, but I'm
> scratching my head on the comments.
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