[App_rpt-users] Breaking the keying loop between two half-duplex nodes

Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Fri Jul 22 20:35:52 EDT 2016

I have two RTCMs. Each are connected to half-duplex link radios tuned
to two different repeaters. The goal is to temporarily add Allstar
support to these repeaters so they can be linked for a special event.

The repeaters each have some audio delay, so when the link radio
switches from transmit to receive, it receives about 250ms of the tail
end of its own transmission. This gets fed back to the hub,
transmitted out the other link, the other link receives its own tail
and the loop continues--it's ping-ponging.

Looks like there's a setting to fix this:

But it's a feature of the URI. How can I do something similar on the
RTCM / voter.conf?


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