[App_rpt-users] Different Courtesy Tone depending on Node Keyed

Joe Moskalski kc2irv at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 13:34:52 EDT 2016

This might be a quick "no" answer but I thought I would ask anyway. I would
like to have the courtesy tone change depending on what node has unkeyed.
This way one would be able to quickly tell what node unkeyed  from simply
listening to it on the air identifying where the traffic came from.
Another way to describe it would be like this:

Node 0001 Unkeys, Plays CT #1
Node 0002 Unkeys, Plays CT #2
Node 0003 Unkeys, Plays CT #4

and so on....

if this is something that can already be done, that's great!
if its not, I would like to know if it is a least practically possible. If
so I will try to make it a reality and post my results.
Of course if this isn't really possible it would be nice to know ahead of
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