[App_rpt-users] Sending courtesy tones to a hub from linked repeaters

Stephen - K1LNX k1lnx at k1lnx.net
Fri Jul 29 07:06:52 EDT 2016

Is it possible to send a distinct courtesy tone to a hub from a connected

We have a small network we are building and our founding member would like
to hear distinct courtesy tones from each permanently connected repeater on
our dedicated hub, but I wasn't sure if this was possible as it looks like
all telemetry is set for each local node instead, i.e. the linkunkeyct = X
parameter in rpt.conf. All the repeaters (with the exception of mine, I
have an SCOM 7330 I will be using so I can manage my own tone outputs) are
using app_rpt as their repeater controller.

Ideally, I would like to send whatever courtesy tone is provisioned for
local output (unlinkedct) to be sent to the hub. I did see some references
in documentation in regards to "foreign" telemetry output, but I'm not sure
if that's what I need or if it will accomplish it.

Is this possible?

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