[App_rpt-users] Acid install by USB

Jim Frederick 41.2jim at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 15:19:27 EST 2016

trying to install Acid to an HP Thin Client 5740E, vis a usb and I get a
"unable to download the kickstart file"
I have tried all kinds of different installers (rufus, isotousb,
unetbootin, ect) but all come up with the same error
the other option was to to recompile , if that is what they want, but it
suggested to change a line of code in the .iso file...way above my head at
the moment. Any ideas?

Just trying to get an Allstar node to run wirelessly using this HP 5740E,
which does have a built in 2.4/5.6 Ghz.wireless card

        Jim Frederick KF6QBW
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