[App_rpt-users] Call Unix Script from Rpt.conf

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Thu Mar 3 16:37:50 EST 2016

The reboot script your are attempting to run does not understand the optional
parameters you placed in the line.

Rebbot script commences a safe powerdown with restart of the computer.
(See also asterisk restart when you don't need to power down the system)

See also ??=cop,1          ;warm boot

Try this


> Good Afternoon.  In an ACID distribution, shouldn't this work?
> A12=cmd,/usr/local/sbin/reboot 4####
> The log says
> [Mar  3 14:29:24] NOTICE[27395]: app_rpt.c:4004 function_cmd: cmd param
> = /usr/local/sbin/reboot 4####, digitbuf =
> but the system does not reboot.
> ...STeve
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