[App_rpt-users] remote receivers questions

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Thu Mar 3 22:27:54 EST 2016

RTL-SDR have no front-end rejection. While I like to use them for many things, They
make terrible choice in repeater work.

If your RPTR TX'r is in the same band, watch it totally de-sense that RTL-SDR.
What good would it be.
Better off with a tyt/boafeng HT etc. And that's not giving those any credit.

You can set-up as many rx's on the server as it has the power to do cpu/memory wise
and you have the network bandwidth to support.
You do need some scheme to vote/select the most valid one (to the core site) if it
is different PL etc.

FYI There are RTCM /voter systems for app_rpt if you want to do it right.

Since there is a left and right definable audio channel, I had always thought you
could double-up on the dongles but never tried it.


> Greetings!
> For remote receivers, is there any work being done on using RTL SDR
> rtl_fm multiple-instances on one dongle, as multiple app_rpt IP
> connected receivers?
> I ask, because it seems that a remote (RX only) site can host as many
> receivers as I can shoe-horn in the box, and as many as I can add
> solar-panels to feed.
> It also seems, that I may as well host neighboring areas' remote
> receivers, and they host mine - for even larger coverage.
> It just seems a stack of ten GM300s in there is the hard way, and it's a
> lot of current draw too.
> Any other ideas?
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