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"burn" the rpi2_dial.img file to the SD chip using a tool like
Win32DiskImager for windows. Downloadable from the web, e.g.


It is also helpful to have an SD card reformat tool (i.e. SDFormatter)
incase you goof the load.






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Hello Ed, I hope I'm not too late to help. You have to write the img (file)
to the card. 


Look at this link.



You them can use the HDMI and a USB keyboard to configure the node. You'll
also need to be connected to the internet.



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On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 6:29 PM, Ed Harwood <edharwood at ymail.com> wrote:

Hello to the list. My name is Ed Harwood (W5CVE). I'm learning Linux as I go
and I just got a Raspberry PI 2 this week. It came with a SD chip that had
NOOBS installed. From noobs I installed Raspbian. Well noobs was removed
during the install. I downloaded the rpi2_dial.img from the Allstar Link
page so that I can setup an Allstars node. Now I don't know how to install
that file. Can somebody help me out and provide some answers? Thank you so
much in advance.

Ed Harwood, W5CVE

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