[App_rpt-users] Configuration

Steve Mahler kizzy at lusfiber.net
Sun Mar 6 11:08:52 EST 2016

Good morning!  I continue to make progress standing up my server (42316 
/ ACID Distro).  The next item is Repeater Modes.  Think in terms of 
"normal operations" or "emergency operations".  I want user controls to 
switch between Repeater Modes. This has generated the following questions.

1) The "5" lead in character points to the MACRO Stanza.  I get that.  
Can I have a second lead in character like "A" that goes to a different 
macro stanza?

2) In rpt.conf each command seems to go to a single action.  Can you 
have multiple step commands (other than macros)?  Are there APP_RPT 
variables that are Readable / Changeable with accompanying flow control 
syntax?  Are there User assignable variables?

3) In extensions.conf you can chain commands, do some 
if-then-goto-label.  Is there a linkage that allows a command from 
rpt.conf to link to a dialed extension number in extensions.conf?

The sledding is a little tough, but so far the software seems reliable.
...STeve - KF5VH

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