[App_rpt-users] Question on auto leveling codec

John Griffith john at qso.com
Mon Mar 7 23:19:14 EST 2016

Haven't found much on this, but I remember a while back I read something
about one of the codecs
for Asterisk that had an internal option to enable ALC (automatic level
control). Not sure if this was a
compression codec or not, but it would be nice to use a compressionless one
(like ULAW) for use in
my repeater output. Right now I'm using an analog ALC unit between the URI
and radio, but it's 
introducing AC hum into the repeater output. The noise is originating in the
poorly shielded ALC unit.  
Does anyone have ALC working within Asterisk? If so is it hard to make it
work in App_Rpt for the
repeater output? I need to keep the input constant because I'm using DSP and
CTCSS for squelch,
so output is all I'm looking for.
Thank you.
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