[App_rpt-users] SSH and WiFi dongles

Te Bussell welfarecat at comcast.net
Tue Mar 8 11:04:50 EST 2016


1.  I bought the Element 14 wifi dongle with my pi 2. It works great with the default PI NOOBS software. I configured it to use my network password.  This same dongle is not recognized on Windows, and not by Dial Debian. Could I copy the configuration file from NOOBS and insert it into Dial?

2. I have been searching for the method to connect Putty to Dial on PI. I was a whiz at running remote servers with Telnet before I retired. This one simple bit is not easily discovered. Do I need to use wget to install SSH on Dial, or is it already in place?

Minds become a little rusty when you get away from a life's work. Thanks for your help.



Bill Bussell KB9WKR

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