[App_rpt-users] Allstar node 42493 online but can't register - Please Help

M1AIF - DEAN dean at m1aif.uk
Tue Mar 8 16:08:11 EST 2016

Hi, I am a relative beginner with linux I'm afraid.

I have installed my node 42493 (ACID CentOS5.11) It appears to be online
and able to download it's own config. It is supposed to be configured in
Hub Only Mode (With USB FOB CM108). Im sure it has connected to the network
successfully at least once as the
http://stats.allstarlink.org/nodeinfo.cgi?node=42493 showed an uptime of
several days although it was still showing as unregistered.

My router is port forwarding ports 4569,222 & 5060-5061 to my Allstar local

LSNODES can be viewed here...

The problem is that my node is not listed as registered and does not show
in active nodes list.

My node number and password are correct in the iax.conf file

*iax2 show registry shows*

*Host= <> dnsmgr=Y Username
=42493 Percieved=<Unregistered> Refresh=60 State=Request Sent*

It is attempting to reconnect every minute.

*I have many messages in the CLI.... Example for extension 333*

*NOTICE[3527]: chan_sip.c:15628 handle_request_register: Registration from
'"333" <sip:333 at <http://sip:333@>>'
failed for '' - No matching peer found*

*This is repeated for many "extension Nos."....*

*Other errors are showing... "Rejected because extension not found"*

Clearly I have missed a step in the configuration. The installation guide
says that if you cannot get your node to register, post an email on this
list and ask someone to check from their end that all ports are forwarding
correctly etc.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could assist me getting this node
Many thanks in advance

Dean Crowe - M1AIF
Portsmouth, UK
dean at m1aif.uk
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