[App_rpt-users] Allstar node 42493 online but can't register - Please Help

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Tue Mar 8 20:08:33 EST 2016

It may be something you checked but I would check very closely for the proper
user/pass set-up for the node in iax.conf

register=NODEX:PASSXXXX at register.allstarlink.org

Type errors are not always easy to spot. And make sure it has not been rem'd out or
a bad char in there somewhere on the string.


> Hi, I am a relative beginner with linux I'm afraid.
> I have installed my node 42493 (ACID CentOS5.11) It appears to be online
> and able to download it's own config. It is supposed to be configured in
> Hub Only Mode (With USB FOB CM108). Im sure it has connected to the network
> successfully at least once as the
> http://stats.allstarlink.org/nodeinfo.cgi?node=42493 showed an uptime of
> several days although it was still showing as unregistered.
> My router is port forwarding ports 4569,222 & 5060-5061 to my Allstar local
> IP
> LSNODES can be viewed here...
> *http://vc1.deancrowe.com/cgi-bin/lsnodes_web?node=42493
> <http://vc1.deancrowe.com/cgi-bin/lsnodes_web?node=42493>*
> The problem is that my node is not listed as registered and does not show
> in active nodes list.
> My node number and password are correct in the iax.conf file
> *iax2 show registry shows*
> *Host= <> dnsmgr=Y Username
> =42493 Percieved=<Unregistered> Refresh=60 State=Request Sent*
> It is attempting to reconnect every minute.
> *I have many messages in the CLI.... Example for extension 333*
> *NOTICE[3527]: chan_sip.c:15628 handle_request_register: Registration from
> '"333" <sip:333 at <http://sip:333@>>'
> failed for '' - No matching peer found*
> *This is repeated for many "extension Nos."....*
> *Other errors are showing... "Rejected because extension not found"*
> Clearly I have missed a step in the configuration. The installation guide
> says that if you cannot get your node to register, post an email on this
> list and ask someone to check from their end that all ports are forwarding
> correctly etc.
> I would be extremely grateful if anyone could assist me getting this node
> online.
> Many thanks in advance
> Dean Crowe - M1AIF
> Portsmouth, UK
> dean at m1aif.uk
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