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Barry g8sau at sidx.org.uk
Mon Mar 14 14:17:02 EDT 2016

At 09:13 14/03/2016, Steve Zingman wrote:
>There is no a chan_dmr. We used chan_usrp to build DMRGateway. The 
>documentation is available at <https://github.com/N4IRS/DMRGateway> There 
>are 3 documents to look at:

I looked at the DMRGatewayDiagram.pdf diagram very interesting looks like
its working exactly the same way as chan_dstar and g2_link does including 
an ambe dongle with a serial driver

perhaps the chan_dstar code could be adapted to work with the dmr dongle 
there is possibilities

Thanks for the info share.

Barry G8SAU

>DMRGateway.rtf, TechOverview.pdf and DMRGatewayDiagram.pdf. We are running 
>the Gateway on AllStar node 2100 bridging AllStar to both Mototrbo and 
>73, Steve N4IRS
>On 03/14/2016 03:03 AM, Barry wrote:
>>At 21:31 13/03/2016, you wrote:
>>>There is a new D-Star Gateway in the works. It will be built using the 
>>>same methods we used doe DMRGateway.
>>>73, Steve N4IRS
>>Where is the chan_dmr code available to look at ?
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