[App_rpt-users] astsrc tree

Barry g8sau at sidx.org.uk
Mon Mar 14 18:10:00 EDT 2016

At 18:28 14/03/2016, you wrote:
>The DV3000 will do D-Star no problem. For D-Star, our plan is to build a 
>executable D-StarGateway. Instead of DMRlink we will use ircDDBGateway to 
>connect to the network.

Before you re-invent the wheel and make it square hi hi have a look at the 
chan_dstar and the freestar code.

its been running with out a fault for the past 6 years. Okay no development 
has been made in the past years but it was considered that it did not need 
any changes. Why Fix something that is not Broke ?

its all free code beholding to no-one.

Ill email you the code off list.

Barry G8SAU

>73, Steve N4IRS

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