[App_rpt-users] USB Sound Dongle Challenges

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Wed Mar 16 05:24:39 EDT 2016

Darril Holland pass way on March 2 and I would like you to take hem off you email 

---- Jim Aspinwall <no1pc at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> The original CM-108/-109-based products a few have documented mods for are evaporating from common availability. 
> A few of us have ordered or tried to order from "known good links" (circa 2014/2015) off Amazon or eBay only to encounter dead/expired/no-longer-available links or "byte the bullet" and opt for a 108/109-claiming look-alike and come up with yet another version of unusable product.
> If we can determine the same/similar/equivalent pinout locations between the 108, 109, 119 or whatever different chips we might be able to revise some of the mod docs for alternatives.
> However, the latest small batch I acquired came with not pin-exposed chip-on-board (for which there could be more hope) but connection flooded die-on-board implementations and drastically differently layout, no direct access to pins without risking the chip trying to 'uncap' it.
> Two recent acquisitions pictured:
> http://www.no1pc.org/radio/NewerChip.jpg - CM119 chip - one such device has already been proven to work with IRLP and Asterisk via Pi - but I'd like to do the PTT/COS tap-offs.
> http://www.no1pc.org/radio/DieOnBoard2.jpg - not yet sure of the chip, but pinouts are obviously a challenge.
> I can try to poke about and see if the exposed-pin CM119 is viable, if someone familiar with the chips or their layout can advice.  The die-version - good luck?
> Ideas?  Existing updates?

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