[App_rpt-users] AllStar Macros

Steve Mahler kizzy at lusfiber.net
Fri Mar 25 12:44:47 EDT 2016

Good day!  I am writing user macros on an ACID Distribution server on a 
Dell PC.  I have some questions about Macros ...

1)  some documentation shows   "5=macro", other docs show "5=macro,1".  
Is there a difference?  What would macro,2 do??

2)  is there a limit to the number of characters in a macro?  I saw in 
one document the limit was only 32 characters.  True?  If not, what is 
the limit?

3)  and in case 32 characters is correct ... Can I call a macro from a 
macro without looping back to a previous macro to increase the number of 
commands?    Two cases ...   A->B->C   or A->B->C->A.  If A calls B in 
the middle of the string of characters, and B ends, does the macro call 
end or does control transfer back to the character after where B was called.

...STeve - KF5VH

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