[App_rpt-users] Node 41879 unable to register (Dial)

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Sun Mar 27 20:25:09 EDT 2016

cd /etc/asterisk
wget https://github.com/N4IRS/AllStar/raw/master/configs/dnsmgr.conf
restart asterisk

On 03/27/2016 08:12 PM, larry wrote:
> I am trying to get a new install of Dial running on Node 41879.
> I believe I might have created my own problem during startup. I failed 
> to enter the node security number correctly when asked.
> I assumed it would not register or try until after I had a chance to 
> correct the password in iax.conf once I could log in and proceeded 
> with the setup.
> Interruptions stopped my process before I could get the node totally 
> setup at that time. The node was left running and on the Internet for 
> a time.
> I don't know if it was trying to register with the wrong password and 
> has been locked out or what.
> I see there is a file "savenode.conf" with node and password 
> information in it.
> it includes a comment statement "# config file for 
> /usr/local/bin/savenode"  The savenode file it mentions does not exist.
> I have no knowledge if the savenode.conf provide it's content to some 
> other places or if the mentioned file being missing matters??
> Reason for asking at all is when I entered the wrong password 
> originally the bad data was stored in the savenode.conf file as well 
> as entered in the registration statement in  iax.conf
> I have tried using both DHCP and Static at Allstar to make certain 
> networking was correct.
> I changed ports at both locations thinking that might help.
> I verified that the node number and password currently match the data 
> showing on allstar.org.
> I have also made certain the registration statement in iax.conf is 
> accurate.
> I am able to ping the registration server from the node but cannot 
> register with allstar.org.
> Using  "iax2 show registration" it returns
> Host and returns State as unregistered.
> Node works fine if I connect to off Allstar nodes it just won't 
> register at Allstar.
> Suggestions? or dump it and start over?
> Larry - N7FM
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