[App_rpt-users] Garmin GPS 18 LVC RTCM wiring

Mark DuMoulin @ WB2ERS wb2ers at metcom.com
Tue Mar 29 16:41:32 EDT 2016


Good afternoon.
I saw your post regarding the RTCM-GPS-18x LVC question.
I would use the app_rpt site but cannot seem to get registered.
I have tried many times to get registered on the app_rpt users  but it always comes back no such user!!!

Here's the question:
I have two of the same RTCM and Garmin GPS 18x LVC.
I have been completely unable to get either to work.
I followed your wiring:

    RTCM   GPS 18x LVC

6 GRX <-- Rx Data 6 Green
7 GPPS <-- Pulse Output 1 Yellow
8 GND   Ground 3 Black
8 GND   Ground 5 Black
13 +5V -->Vin 2 Red
14 GTX --> TX Data 4 White

No joy. Did you get yours working?
Anything you can share?
I have a feeling that the Garmin's have been reprogrammed to something other than factory default 4800 in the PGRMF.


Mark DuMoulin Sr.

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