[App_rpt-users] How to change the Default EchoLink text

Skyler F electricity440 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 20:21:29 EDT 2016

Hi everyone, I've wanted to change the default EchoLink text for a while.

I finally found where EchoLink stores it's  "Welcome to AllStar Node XXXXX
EchoLink Node XXXXXX Systems Linked" prompt.

The text can be found and modified in:

Use the nano Control+W to find the text "Welcome to AllStar"
Example, to add a new line before the status display, I changed this line

*"oNDATA\rWelcome to Allstar Node %s\r" to*

*"oNDATA\rTEXT HERE FIRST\rWelcome to Allstar Node %s\r"*

(Directory may be different depending on distro: this is Jeremy's W0JRL for
the Raspberry pi 2

Then in the /usr/src/utils/astsrc/asterisk

You have to run


make menuselect.makeopts


make install


Skyler Fennell
electricity440 at gmail.com
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