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Jerry Gainer jerald.gainer at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 10:55:58 EST 2016

Thanks very much.  I have the system (I think working ) . It is asking for me to login in and I type login: root and password: root.  Now it wants to know my node number but I don’t have one.  I tried to get one but ---- well he said “All node requests have been fulfilled. You may want to try again.” 


So I’m using TM-V71 for the radio.  A cable comes out of the Data port to the DMK and then it connects to the RPi-3 B. It ask if I wanted to configure-----I was so happy I said yes.  Then it ask for my node number.   I’m thinking I don’t know how to ask for a node number.  Boy! I’m sorry guys but I know I am so close.  



Jerry Gainer, KC7GOL

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Aloha Jerry,


When you say "copied the file to the SD" I suspect that if I looked on that SD that I would find a file called RPi2-3_V1.02beta_Allstar.img

Copying it as a file is not what you need to do. Instead you need to use a disk imaging tool like win32diskimager to overwrite the SD card with the image.


Look at the instructions on https://hamvoip.org/#image






On Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 10:27 PM, Jerry Gainer <jerald.gainer at gmail.com> wrote:


Well I got all of the cables now.  I went over to Walmart and got a Micro SD card 64G.  I formatted the SD card with FAT.  Then I went to http://hamvoip.org/RPi2/RPi2-3_V1.02beta_Allstar.img.zip   downloaded the file and unzip the file and there was the Allstar.img and I right clicked and copied the file to the SD.  I can’t get it to boot.  Did I format the SD with the incorrect format? I go over to my computer and do IPCONFIG and there is only one ip being used.


Jerry Gainer, KC7GOL

14860 Chaparral Loop West

Peyton, Colorado 80831


Cell Phone: 719-660-0603




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