[App_rpt-users] Echolink ports issue

DuaneVT . selkie2 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 9 12:42:45 EST 2016

I have my home router set per portforward for Allstar UDP and Allstar seems
fine. I added 5198-5199 as UPD I/O and 5200 TCP. I can connect with
EchoTest 9999 node fine from a receiver connected to the USB fob on the
node computer. I can not connect from either the LAN or WAN back into the
Echo node.
I disconnected the node physically from the LAN and logged into my computer
Echolink app. Firewall test showed TCP OK, but 5198 OK but 5199 UDP not
I reconfigured the router (Netgear FVS-318G) to Port Triggering. The
Echolink app runs a normal firewall test instantly with no faults. Exit the
app and reconnect the node to the LAN. Echolink can connect to 9999 test
server, but again, no connection CALLING Echolink.
Now, I ran netstat on the node computer and see TCP 5200, UDP IAX
(default),5198, 5192 as ports. BUT looking at listening ports, never have I
seen UDP 5198 or 5199 as listening.
If Port Triggering has a timeout after the last outgoing packet, how would
UDP 5198, 5199 be able to stay listening for an unsolicited packet coming
in from a remote node?
73, Duane KA1LM
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