[App_rpt-users] Rpt.conf [nodes] question

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Thu Nov 10 13:03:50 EST 2016

I'll make an attempt.

42996=radio at,NONE <http://radio@,NONE> 
defines the node which resides in your computer is local.  The IP 
address of is local host, and local host resolves to this IP.  
It's defined so Asterisk knows where on the AllStar system this node 
exists.  In this case - it's local to your computer itself.  If there is 
more than one node instance in a single computer, they will be added as 
well, to local host.

Other nodes can be established in this stanza to statically define where 
(in the world) they exist.  Say your node commonly connects to another 
node that has a static IP address.  This address could be public or 
private.  Defining a node and an IP in this stanza eliminates the need 
for the node to resolve (using DNS lookup) where the node resides.  This 
can eliminate nodes not connecting to one another if the AllStar nodes 
resolver system should become unreachable.  If a node is defined, it 
doesn't do the look-up, it simply uses the static assignment to attempt 
the connection. Nodes that are on an Internet connection which are 
offered public IP addresses which change on occasion should not be 
defined statically.  This is the whole reason behind DNS,  As IP's 
change (because the ISP changes them) the system will keep track and 
always know what IP address your node is located at, so others can 
connect to you.

I believe this area only relates to AllStar nodes - not EchoLink nodes - 
BUT I'm not sure about this.

Hope this helps..
Kevin W3KKC

On 11/10/2016 12:31 PM, DuaneVT . wrote:
> Would someone explain the NODES stanza of rpt.conf?
> [nodes]
> 110=radio at,NONE <http://radio@,NONE>         
>         ; My node on this computer (local)
> If my public repeater/node is configured to be repeater 
> controller/Allstar/Echolink:
>  1. Should ANYTHING be in [NODES}?
>  2. Allstar would be: 42996=radio at,NONE
>     <http://radio@,NONE>?
>  3. Does the Echolink node be added like Allstar?
>  4. Is ALWAYS the default regardless of router/firewall/IP
>     address?
> I see this template everywhere in the rpt.conf setup with no 
> explanations as to details. Like do ALL nodes, 
> public/private/link/repeater get entered the same way except for node 
> numbers?
> Thanks,
> Duane KA1LM #42996

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