[App_rpt-users] Echolink inbound issue solved

DuaneVT . selkie2 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 13 20:50:44 EST 2016

After searching the web for solutions, I tried PortForward.com. I entered
their forwarding page, Netgear/FVS-318G/.

I filled in the service:ECHOLINK  port
The FVS-318G defaults to open outgoing ports, so did nothing there.
Incoming had UDP ports 5198-5199. I set those up.
So there was inbound services on those ports.

***my mistake was****
When I set up the rules, I pointed the Echolink service to the node static
IP address (this is OK)
Service Echolink IP Address ( OK )
Translate to port number [ X ] [ 5198]   (do not translate..leave blank)

Service Echolink IP address ( OK )
Translate to port number [ X ] [ 5199]   (do not translate..leave blank)

I should have followed PortForward's advise to not enter anything in the
rules Translate Port Number windows. (Seemed like a good idea at the

Service : Name2
Action : ALLOW Always
Select Schedule : Schedule 1
Send to LAN Server : ...
Translate to Port Number  :
WAN Users : Any Start : ...
  Finish : ...
Log : Never( note: the server IP really is, for some reason the
5 didn't copy)

I also corrected this for the SSH 222 service and IAX 4569 service.

Now I can:
 radio into the node on the bench, call the EchoTest 9999 node
call my Allstar node on Webtransceiver and IAX/Zoiper
Call my Echolink node from Echolink Android app.
YAY!  We're getting close to deploying at the remote site!

BTW, while debugging this problem on SSH into the node, CLI shows
interactions on the Allstar side with all in/out connections, but NOTHING
with anything Echolink. Hmmm....
Now this is just an note..I have enough trouble lately, I'm not digging
into anything not causing issues.
Thanks for all the suggestions offered. It helps to understand what i'm
Duane KA1LM-R
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