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Jerry Gainer jerald.gainer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 01:51:36 EST 2016

OK! let me tell you some things.  I have an image of Asterisk software on my
Raspberry Pi-3 model B.  I have a node for the 2meter system which I'm
working with first.   


I'm using a kenwood V71 for a radio and it had a data port that comes out of
the back and goes to the DMK and the DMK connects to the Pi-3B.  I used an
HDMI cable from the Pi-3 to my TV.  I was able to type on my wireless
keyboard to run (/usr/local/sbin/firsttime.sh).  This let me put in my
2meter node number.  If later I need to update something I can run


How do I get the Pi-3 on internet? It has wifi but I need to connect it to
the house system? I have not found how to do that with Asterisk software. 



Jerry Gainer, KC7GOL

14860 Chaparral Loop West

Peyton, Colorado 80831


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