[App_rpt-users] Change to Raspberry 3 problem

Chris Viningre chrisviningre at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 15:03:13 EST 2016

I just changed to a Raspberry 3 using Dial software and now can't 
connect to another node. I show I'm connected to allstarlink.org and I 
can get status with a *70 but when I use *227834 or *327834 I get no 
return infomation, connected or connection failed. Everything works when 
its connected to my laptop with the same rpt.conf and usbradio.conf. 
Thanks for any help.

Chris Viningre
70 W. Roadrunner
Salt Flat, Texas 79847
C:(915) 504-1510
chrisviningre at gmail.com
Amateur Radio Operator: WS5B

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