[App_rpt-users] RxOnDelay problem

Roger Coudé ve2dbe at yahoo.ca
Thu Nov 17 11:28:12 EST 2016

I maintain a large network of repeaters that extends to over 1000 kmMany repeaters in our network are based on asterisk rpt.The hardest part of my job is to get rid of ping pong problem.The typical system would be a repeater with to links facing east and west directions, enabling a region to access the network and also relaying east-west conversations.According to the documentation, the RxOnDelay should be the solution to block ping pong, and it does.But the problem is that it also degrades communications that should not be affected.According to de definition, the RxOnDelay should occur after the release of PTT on a radio by disabling COR detection on the same radio for a certain duration.But what I observe is different: the delay applies as soon as the COR is released, even if there is no PTT applied.As an example, if there is a conversation on the east side, the direction of the traffic will only be from east to west.There will not be any PTT applied to the radio facing east, so the RxOnDelay should not activate on that radio.But I observe the RxOnDelay is actvated between each reception and even with picket fence, which is quite annoying.At some locations, we need 500 to 1000ms to block squelch tail.So if that delay should only occurs when the conversation switcth from east to west, not if it is on the same side.The actual implementation is affecting the quality of the system in situations where it should not.RogerVE2DBEwww.ve2dbe.com   
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