[App_rpt-users] USB FOB not affecting Pin 13 to PTT

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Thu Nov 24 20:36:47 EST 2016


For something requiring small packaging, consider the RIM Lite models 
from Scott Zimmerman:



On 11/24/2016 6:10 PM, no1pc at yahoo.com wrote:
> Thanks Kevin!  Your work is legendary and has always been uniquely 
> valuable to the community!
> The 'DSP' schematics implied Pin 13 went to 'a' red LED without enough 
> clarity for my brain to get this was an add-on/mod. (read the whole 
> manual Jim!)
> Your board is the next stop on the trail!!
> This is for my a shielded/re-packaged BF-888 porta-node to go in the 
> RV and the next will be tied to an RLC controller for our 'landmark' 
> SF repeater site.
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> You are missing something....   On most FOB's, regardless of the 
> manufacturer, the RED LED is not wired to pin 13.  While the green LED 
> usually works correctly because it's tied to pin 12 on the C-Media 
> chip, the red LED by default is connected to pin 21.
> There are several reliable sources for non potted FOB's, but generally 
> they cost more.  The SYBA UAUD71 and the StarTech ICUSBAUDIO are two 
> such units.  They generally cost between $11 and $17 depending on 
> supplier.
> I've recently dropped the price of the RA-35 to include the CM119A and 
> EEPROM to be presoldered.
> http://www.masterscommunications.com/products/radio-adapter/ra35.html
> Kevin
> On 11/24/2016 3:20 PM, no1pc at yahoo.com <mailto:no1pc at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I have a few USB fobs resembling the one shown in the document titled 
>> "USB FOB to DB25 Interface"
>> Unfortunately the chip itself is potted die-on-board so access to 
>> signalling lines is limited to the additional components on board, 
>> which should seem simple enough to get to Pin 13 that feeds the Red 
>> LED to extract a PTT signal.
>> (I am able to assert COS- to Volume down and get received audio "to 
>> the net" experienced with WebTransceiver.)
>> Unfortunately metering 'every' available connection and toggling 
>> WebTransceiver's Key/Transmit, none of the signal lines on the board 
>> react.  I could imagine one line or the other might be open-collector 
>> and I'd have to add a pull-up to see a transition, but with the LED 
>> still in-circuit I'd think that would react.  (The Green LED works as 
>> heartbeat just fine.)
>> Before I head to the local Frys and buy 1-2 each every fob they have 
>> to gut to see if I could get to the chip pins directly (or try to be 
>> patient and wait for Amazon)...
>> ... I'm sitting here looking at a fully functional micro with a LOT 
>> of GPIO pins available...  wondering why, aside from the IRLP s/w and 
>> interface options available... doesn't an AllStar implementation 
>> leverage the on-board signalling?
>> I see there is Python code around to work with the GPIO, but not 
>> quite yet sure how or if I could create and call PTT and COR (and 
>> CTCSS) sense scripts within the AllStar configuration - ???
>> I know it would split out the radio audio v PTT/COS wiring harness 
>> just a bit vs the cute USB thing, but what the heck - 
>> buffer/interface parts on a small perf board tied to the GPIO pins 
>> and done?  No?
>> Am I missing something?  Code- and instructions-to-be?
>> Using Pi 3 Model B v 1.2
>> BTW, uname -a yields: "Linux barf3 3.18.0-trunk-rpi2 #1 SMP PREEMPT 
>> Debian 3.18.5-1~exp1.co1 (2015-02-02) armv7l GNU/Linux"
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