[App_rpt-users] Asterisk ending (0).

Steve Agee n5zua at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 25 07:31:25 EST 2016

What would cause the line "Asterisk ending (0). in the action below? It 
does not appear that Asterisk is actually stopped or ended as the 
"Uptime" in the node's stats does not reset to zero. Is this safe to 
ignore, or should it be debugged?


root at LAG:~# radio-tune-menu

Active (command) USB Radio device is [usbVHF]
Asterisk ending (0).
1) Select USB device
2) Auto-Detect Rx Noise Level Value (with no carrier)
3) Set Rx Voice Level (using display)
4) Auto-Detect Rx CTCSS Level Value (with carrier + CTCSS)
5) Set Rx Squelch Level
6) Set Transmit Voice Level
7) Set Transmit Aux Voice Level
8) Does not apply to this USB device configuration
9) Auto-Detect Rx Voice Level Value (with carrier + 1KHz @ 3KHz Dev)
E) Toggle Echo Mode (currently Disabled)
F) Flash (Toggle PTT and Tone output several times)
P) Print Current Parameter Values
S) Swap Current USB device with another USB device
T) Toggle Transmit Test Tone/Keying (currently Disabled)
W) Write (Save) Current Parameter Values
0) Exit Menu

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