[App_rpt-users] echolink blocking

Loren Tedford lorentedford at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 10:23:47 EDT 2016

I suppose you could just use the permit stations to just allow the stations
you wish to connect..

Here is the article i use to ban nodes.. etc..

I guess I should ask what bothers you about stations connecting listening
then disconnecting.. Personally in rpt.conf i use telemdefault=2 so i don't
even know when some one connects on purpose.. Only when they throw out
their call then I generally try to respond if i can in a timely manner
but.. Some times for what ever reason the individual on the other end may
not hear me and disconnects.. Echolink has all types of issues just because
of the way its designed an example of issues is having to use proxies on
your phones in order to get a guaranteed connection in my mind their is no
reason that multiple nodes couldn't use the same ip but for some reason
echo-link was not designed this way.. I guess what i am trying to say is I
ban only those who create havoc on my systems rather than trying to sort
out a large permit strand..

Example of a ban would have been the station from the Philippines that for
some reason didn't know how to use their call sign nor did they understand
how to speak it in English.. I don't mind talking to people in other
countries but they at least have to attempted to speak English and speak
their call-sign at least in English Its just one of those things when you
deal with echo link..

Loren Tedford (KC9ZHV)
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On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM, Greg <kb1ncj at gmail.com> wrote:

> I saw the instructions on app_rpt site but does any one know more wildcard
> type rules? Trying to kill off the annoying drive bys. I want to allow
> -L,-R's and my choice user type connections and block all else. Also does
> this filter only apply to incoming connections?
> Greg
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