[App_rpt-users] DIAL Help Please

Steve Mahler kizzy at lusfiber.net
Sun Oct 9 08:25:36 EDT 2016

Kevin / Steve / RED :

Thanks for the suggestions. After checking all of your suggestions 
without success I convinced myself that I must have missed something in 
checking the config files for correct variable values.  The config files 
were correct ... except for "duplex" ... which was set for half instead 
of full duplex.  Sigh.  (I sure hope confession really is good for the 

...STeve - KF5VH

On 10/8/2016 7:43 PM, Kevin Custer wrote:
>> D.  usbradio_tune_usb42316.conf ... I noted the new  "fever=1" (and 
>> have tried it at values 0 and 1) but have found no documentation for 
>> fever.
> STeve,
> FEVER fixes a bug in the receiver frontend FIR code where the history 
> buffer is shifted to add a new sample.  Because FEVER *could* change 
> audio levels for folks that may have precisely adjusted them (in 
> ACID), FEVER is only turned on IF you do a "radio tune rxnoise" 
> re-calibration.  FEVER was instated in ACID in January 2015, and 
> therefore ported to DIAL by default.  As far as I'm aware, every 
> install of DIAL incorporates FEVER, and as long as you do a radio 
> calibration, it eliminates this issue.
> FEVER stands for Front End VERsion, and is the work of Jim Dixon - 
> WB6NIL, where he incorporates the bug fix provided by Jeff DePolo - 
> WN3A.  Jim made it so that the "tune" file for the chan_usbradio 
> channel saves a "front-end version" and now, if you do the "front end 
> tuning" using the "radio tune rxnoise" command, it will set the mode 
> for the new fixed version, and save it that way.  In other words, any 
> new installations (since January 2015) will auto-magically be running 
> the new, fixed version, and any old installations will not be effected 
> unless they re-do the tuning, in which case it is likely to sound better.
> Hope this helps...
> Kevin - W3KKC

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