[App_rpt-users] transmitter stuck on transmit (rabbit hole)

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Sat Apr 1 05:09:32 EDT 2017

RCI is newer. It is the release candidate.
The official repository is at <https://github.com/allstarlink>
The source is at https://github.com/AllStarLink/Asterisk> The master branch.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 04/01/2017 03:37 AM, Lowell wrote:
> I am attempting to run allstar on a raspberry pi 3 occasionally with 
> wifi.  I downloaded
> rpi2_dial_V101.img <http://dvswitch.org/files/DIAL/rpi2_dial_V101.img>
> but it appears to be based on some version of raspbian that doesn't 
> have wifi support.  So, I tried
> http://dvswitch.org/files/DIAL/RAT_RC1.tar.gz which I thought was a 
> later development release but now I see it has an earlier date than 
> "V101".  However, wifi does work.
> I am having a couple of problems though.  Sometimes after the 
> transmitter returns to receive the receive audio is no longer present 
> and the sound fob "mic" input appears to be dead.
> Worse, though, is when I try to get the node to announce something 
> like status ( *712 = status,12  in rpt.conf) the transmitter starts 
> transmitting but there is no audio.  When it stops transmitting (maybe 
> a minute or more later) I see a message " NOTICE[15291]: 
> app_rpt.c:10859 rpt_telemetry: Tracepoint rpt_telemetry() exit
> chan_simpleusb ACRUK  dev=usb TX OFF >>".  So, I thought I would look 
> at the source code and see what that might mean.  Now I am confused 
> about where to get the official source code.  I think it is supposed 
> to be at https://github.com/AllStarLink/DIAL so I started looking at 
> the code there and have decided I might be way down the wrong rabbit hole.
> Time to reset.  Should I go back to V101 or maybe download the source 
> and attempt to build myself or...
> I saw this message on a resolved issue "feature/serial signaling for 
> USB channel drivers #14" which sound interesting to me because then I 
> could use the same radio interface I use for all my other applications.
> Any hints would be appreciated.
> Lowell
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