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Steve, (N4IRS)


I was trying to reply to K7ILO's post below but I don't know what is
happening. I realized from your reply that his post is not included in my
reply and neither is yours in this one. I will e-mail the administrator for


J88AZ - Winston.


K7ILO k7ilo1 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 21:22:35 EDT 2017 

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Hello gang.
So I decided to switch over to dial from acid so that my system can stay
being supported so I installed dial onto a PC based machine.
All the articles I have read by doing a Google search says that allstar will
start downloading and installing after a few seconds of dial installation.
Well, mine hasn't started in 2 days so is there a script somewhere that
needs to be started?
Im sure this question has popped up but I have forgotten or do not know how
to retrieve messages from the archives.
Could someone point me in the direction of getting allstar to download and
install so that I can set my system back up.


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