[App_rpt-users] Alternative to WebTransceiver java applet (Doug Crompton)

Thor Wiegman n7jct at aplaceonthe.net
Sat Apr 15 18:48:44 EDT 2017

It comes as no surprise that someone like Doug would have little or no 
need for the web transceiver.  Most of us on this list won't have use 
for it.  Anyone who's come so far as to building their own node and 
subscribing to this list has likely exceeded what that web transceiver 
could do for them.

Consider however that there is a different market, a different audience 
for a web transceiver.  I know that I'm not the only one who got 
involved in this through exploration with the web transceiver.

So I think there is benefit in having such a simple tool.  It can be, if 
it works well and is designed properly, a great tool for someone to take 
that first step in finding out what all this is about.

Consider the target audience of the Raspberry Pi.  Getting kids into 
programming and using these devices to do things, control things and 
such.  Ham radio needs to attract, and keep, the attention of that same 
audience.  App_rpt and Allstarlink are great for that.  But this 
audience doesn't come to us with anything more than a very basic, novice 
background at first.  A web transceiver seems like a handy tool for 
those new young hams to explore.

There's my long winded $0.02
Thor (N7JCT)

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> Re: [App_rpt-users] Alternative to WebTransceiver java applet
> From:
> Doug Crompton <wa3dsp at gmail.com>
> Date:
> 04/15/2017 01:24 PM
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> If you must have the web transceiver there are ways around the problem

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