[App_rpt-users] Alternative to WebTransceiver java applet (Doug Crompton)

Matthew Pitts n8ohu at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 16 22:54:19 EDT 2017

Yes, kids were the target audience of the Raspberry Pi, but look at what Hams have done with it, in its various forms. AllStar nodes, whether DIAL or the distribution Doug helped develop. Multi-mode Digital Voice nodes using various interface devices like the MMDVM or DVAP/DV-RPTR/DVMEGA. Echolink/IRLP nodes. If we really want to get the attention of teens and twenty-somethings, and keep it, we need to adapt our tactics to the way they live; how often do you see one without a smartphone somewhere on their person? Create an app (or two, as iOS should be covered too) that supports the features of the current Web Transceiver and you'll have a tool that everyone can use and still have the browser free for other things.

Matthew Pitts
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