[App_rpt-users] Alternative to WebTransceiver java applet

mike at midnighteng.com mike at midnighteng.com
Mon Apr 17 11:24:09 EDT 2017

Everyone wants things. But few can help, and of those, few volunteer.
Including me.
Nobody's fault, we all have our lives and other projects. Nobody is
getting paid to help out.
Don't try to make this a job someone isn't doing to your liking.
There is nothing stopping anyone from making their own web-based sip
interface and all the material to do it is out there.

Be easy on the dev's if you want their continued contributions if you
are not helping out.
Or volunteer to do something/anything ! 
But to have the need to explain where they are at in any given moment
is a waste of their time better spent on dev'ing.
This is open source for a reason.

Said with kindness and understanding for all,


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