[App_rpt-users] Alternative to WebTransceiver java applet

David McGough kb4fxc at inttek.net
Mon Apr 17 12:16:14 EDT 2017

Hi Everyone,

I agree that the WebTransceiver is a powerful addition to the AllStar
project. I've got several hams who use it on a regular basis for repeater
access, so, I hate to see it go as well.

As we all know, web browser developers are rapidly phasing out all support
for java applets. And, along with this phasing out process, continuing to
make java work is a constantly moving target---every time a browser update
comes down the pipe, you have to go and tweak settings AGAIN make java

The biggest problem I see with "upgrading" the WebTransceiver is replacing
the IAX2 protocol stack with updated version which is modern-browser
friendly. We need to remember that all the hoopla about HTML5 is fine,
but, HTML5 is NOT a programming language--javascript is the programming
language used. Another large component required is the actual audio 
interface to the PC and some supported CODEC for communication across 
IAX2...For this requirement, I believe the WebRTC toolkit, which is 
included in modern browsers, could be leveraged.

So, where can we find a javascript-based IAX2 stack?  ...I know there are
already javascript SIP stacks out there (see: http://www.jssip.net/ ).


73, David KB4FXC

On Mon, 17 Apr 2017, Doug Kingston wrote:

> I see 2 significant use cases:
> 1. User wants to connect to a public Allstar node
> In this case, they don't have a prior relationship with the node and there
> is no account/password that the user knows that they can use to log in.
> Today in the Java applet, my understanding is, they authenticate to the
> Allstar central server with their Allstar username/password and the Java
> traffic is proxies through that central site is some way and on to the
> public node.  Its possible the central node provides credentials to the
> java applet and it connects directly, but Steve can say more definitively.
> 2. User has iaxrpt username/password credentials for a particular node
> This is certainly true for private nodes and for public nodes where people
> want to use an app like iaxrpt.  They need to receive credentials from the
> node operator before using the node.
> I think this is a summary of the basic modes.  The reason we need some form
> of authentication is to prevent random non-hams from accessing Allstar
> nodes and initiating transmissions.  It would be nice to take the central
> node out of the normal path except for the authentication process.
> -Doug-, KD7DK

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