[App_rpt-users] USB Audio Fobs

Jon Rorke jrorke at cogeco.ca
Tue Apr 18 10:48:37 EDT 2017

Hi Ramesh, you may be seeing the same issue I have with multiple URIs on 
the RPI.

this seems to be a problem when using USB radio on the RPI in the latest 
dial distro.

I reported it Steve N4IRS but don't know if its been fixed or not.

Perhaps you can do 2 RPI one per node for now.

Jon RQ

On 4/18/2017 10:22 AM, Ramesh Dhami wrote:
> Hi Guys:
> I am preparing a RPi3 to replace a dying PC with ACID at my repeater 
> site.  The Pi will control 2 full-duplex repeaters.
> I have prepared the config files at home and plugged in 2 (modified) 
> USB fobs.  Both fobs worked initially... i.e., I was able to connect a 
> test repeater to each fob and hear telem' data out of the repeater / 
> corresponding to the applicable node #.
> I am using usbradio for both fobs (config changed in modules.conf and 
> rpt.conf)
> The issue I have is that the LED on one of the fobs is no longer 
> flashing and hence, no audio out of that fob.  The LED is however, on 
> permanently.
> Here is the output of 'lsusb':
> Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0d8c:013c C-Media Electronics, Inc. CM108 Audio 
> Controller
> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0d8c:000c C-Media Electronics, Inc. Audio Adapter
> It is the 2nd fob that seems to be non-responsive.
> Any ideas folks?
> I am reluctant to swap fobs between USB ports as I know that usb 
> enumeration can be a pig!
> Cheers,
> Ramesh, VA3UV
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