[App_rpt-users] Problem with Dual Node config with DIAL on RPi3

Thomas D. Cooney, Jr. tom at cooneyjr.com
Sat Apr 22 16:33:01 EDT 2017

I have a dual node running two Repeater Builder RIMS with DIAL on a Pi 3


When I plug in the second RIM, it fails to initialize and stops comms with
the first RIM.  Heartbeat on RIM #1 becomes erratic then stays steady on.


I am new to the list board, and have not seen prior posts.  Thought I likely
had a configuration problem, but Scott N3XCC indicates that others are
having similar issues.


Info links, or copies of prior related posts would be appreciated.  TNX


Tom Cooney, Jr., W3SF

tom at cooneyjr.com

Home: (814)626-1531

Cell: (814)931-0060


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