[App_rpt-users] Setting up a permanent radio-IP-radio setup

Doug Kingston dpk at randomnotes.org
Sun Apr 30 13:04:46 EDT 2017

I am helping another ham to set up a back-to-back remote base setup to help
provide communication to a shaded area for a public service event.  We have
a working remote base setup with hamvoip.org distribution and now want to
hook two of these back to back.  I am helping with the Linux knowledge and
got the current remote base working.  I am looking for some pointers about
how to do this, and timing is short.  We need this running in 2 weeks.
Here's his request in his own words:

> I’ve got an event the first weekend of June that I want the linked radio
> system for, so that is kind of what is driving my “rush”.
> I would like to take the basic (final) software setup/configuration for
> ASC-North and archive it so we always have that foundation. (Doesn’t need
> to be by June 1).
> I would like to learn how to modify that foundation to create a different
> remote base. Different Asterisk Name (1998, 1997, 1996, etc.), and whatever
> other changes are necessary so an independent base can be established.
> (Doesn’t need to be by June 1).
> I would like to set up two Pi’s with the USB interface and radios, so they
> automatically, and exclusively, talk to each other. One I imagine (I’ll
> call the primary base) would have to broadcast it’s IP (dyndns), the other
> (I’ll call remote) would need to want to connect to that.  This is the need
> for the start of June. I have all of the needed hardware for both stations
> (Pi, USB interface, radio). This specific request is totally unrelated to
> ACS, but is in support of Special Olympics Washington Spring Games, which
> are being conducted June 2, 3, 4 (and will probably be on non-amateur
> radios/frequencies). They operate multiple venues which this year are more
> geographically separated than they have been in the past, and we’ll no
> longer be able to utilize simplex to talk between them. No reasonable
> repeater option is available and putting up a temporary one is all but
> impossible as it would have to be on JBLM someplace.
> Once this is set up, but not necessarily immediately, I would like to know
> the specific programming for these that could be changed to add another
> unique pair, or to add another single (remote) radio as a link to the
> primary base.

Any pointers would be most appreciated.  I assume this will require
defining some sort of default call, but I am new to asterisk.

-Doug-, KD7DK
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