[App_rpt-users] RAT_RC1.img errata

Alan Crosswell n2ygk at weca.org
Sun Apr 30 18:22:52 EDT 2017

Hi Steve, et. al.:

A couple of errata for RAT_RC1.img on a Pi 3B:


1) Does not happen on first boot after copying the img to CF and first
login as root. Still investigating reproducing this but it seems that means
the img is missing /etc/asterisk/firsttime. Maybe I'll try opening this
with a loopback FS to see what's in the image before it boots.

2) Hit enter instead of Y or N at password change prompt and get a syntax
error. PR #3 <https://github.com/AllStarLink/DIAL/pull/3>submitted and I
see you already merged it!


The unanchored sed commands in /usr/local/sbin/pcf.sh cause "noload" to
become "nonoload", "nononoload" and so on each time nodesetup is run.

# grep nono /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
nononoload => chan_simpleusb.so ; CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface
Channel Driver (No DSP)

Here's where this happens in /usr/local/sbin/pcf.sh:

691: sed -i 's/noload => chan_simpleusb.so/load => chan_simpleusb.so/g'
692: sed -i 's/load => chan_usbradio.so/noload => chan_usbradio.so/g'
695: sed -i 's/load => chan_simpleusb.so/noload => chan_simpleusb.so/g'
696: sed -i 's/noload => chan_usbradio.so/load => chan_usbradio.so/g'

Fix is to change them to: sed -i 's/^...' to anchor the pattern but I was
unable to find where this happens in the source code so didn't submit a PR.
It looks like pcf.sh is derived from
https://allstarlink.org/config/portalconfig.sh but I'm missing something...

*one-way audio with rb-usb-rim lite-scom 7330

We seemed to have one-way audio where audio from the SCOM was not being
heard via the (763) phone dialup but phone audio was being transmitted by
the SCOM. In the process of debugging this, we decided to see if there were
packets flowing outbound and tried to "apt-get install tcpdump" and saw
that it needed some updates, so we did an "apt-get update" and, lo and
behold, the one-way audio problem went away. (Could be app_rpt saw we were
getting ready to watch it;-) So perhaps there was just an update that
needed to get installed, or it was just gremlins. Maybe just an Asterisk
restart needed. Always frustrating when "circuit tested, no trouble found"
after 4 hours of head-scratching. We had done many service asterisk
stop/start cycles. So if firsttime isn't already, it should probably do an
apt-get update.

We had also played around with "radio tune rxvoice" with a service monitor
(and saved the tune config) to make sure there was actually audio going in
to the RIM and at the right level.

Anyway, the good news is I believe we got this stuff working and the
firsttime/nodesetup stuff makes it really easy.

Thanks & 73 de N2YGK & N2DVQ
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