[App_rpt-users] RAT_RC1.img errata

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Sun Apr 30 18:28:24 EDT 2017

Yes, I did not enable firsttime on the RPi. I'll fix it soon. For now:
touch /etc/asterisk/firsttime

I'll look at pcf.sh

The one way audio is interesting. I need to add apt-get update and 
apt-get upgrade to the first boot.

Thanks for the patch to firsttime. I merged it.


On 04/30/2017 06:22 PM, Alan Crosswell wrote:
> Hi Steve, et. al.:
> A couple of errata for RAT_RC1.img on a Pi 3B:
> *firsttime:*
> 1) Does not happen on first boot after copying the img to CF and first 
> login as root. Still investigating reproducing this but it seems that 
> means the img is missing /etc/asterisk/firsttime. Maybe I'll try 
> opening this with a loopback FS to see what's in the image before it 
> boots.
> 2) Hit enter instead of Y or N at password change prompt and get a 
> syntax error. PR #3 
> <https://github.com/AllStarLink/DIAL/pull/3>submitted and I see you 
> already merged it!
> */no/noload:*
> *
> *
> The unanchored sed commands in /usr/local/sbin/pcf.sh cause "noload" 
> to become "nonoload", "nononoload" and so on each time nodesetup is run.
> # grep nono /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
> nononoload => chan_simpleusb.so ;CM1xx USB Cards with Radio Interface 
> Channel Driver (No DSP)
> Here's where this happens in /usr/local/sbin/pcf.sh:
> 691: sed -i 's/noload => chan_simpleusb.so/load 
> <http://chan_simpleusb.so/load> => chan_simpleusb.so/g 
> <http://chan_simpleusb.so/g>' /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
> 692: sed -i 's/load => chan_usbradio.so/noload 
> <http://chan_usbradio.so/noload> => chan_usbradio.so/g 
> <http://chan_usbradio.so/g>' /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
> 695: sed -i 's/load => chan_simpleusb.so/noload 
> <http://chan_simpleusb.so/noload> => chan_simpleusb.so/g 
> <http://chan_simpleusb.so/g>' /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
> 696: sed -i 's/noload => chan_usbradio.so/load 
> <http://chan_usbradio.so/load> => chan_usbradio.so/g 
> <http://chan_usbradio.so/g>' /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
> Fix is to change them to: sed -i 's/^...' to anchor the pattern but I 
> was unable to find where this happens in the source code so didn't 
> submit a PR. It looks like pcf.sh is derived from 
> https://allstarlink.org/config/portalconfig.sh but I'm missing 
> something...
> *one-way audio with rb-usb-rim lite-scom 7330 
> <http://www.repeater-builder.com/products/usb-rim-lite.html>:*
> *
> *
> We seemed to have one-way audio where audio from the SCOM was not 
> being heard via the (763) phone dialup but phone audio was being 
> transmitted by the SCOM. In the process of debugging this, we decided 
> to see if there were packets flowing outbound and tried to "apt-get 
> install tcpdump" and saw that it needed some updates, so we did an 
> "apt-get update" and, lo and behold, the one-way audio problem went 
> away. (Could be app_rpt saw we were getting ready to watch it;-) So 
> perhaps there was just an update that needed to get installed, or it 
> was just gremlins. Maybe just an Asterisk restart needed. Always 
> frustrating when "circuit tested, no trouble found" after 4 hours of 
> head-scratching. We had done many service asterisk stop/start cycles. 
> So if firsttime isn't already, it should probably do an apt-get update.
> We had also played around with "radio tune rxvoice" with a service 
> monitor (and saved the tune config) to make sure there was actually 
> audio going in to the RIM and at the right level.
> Anyway, the good news is I believe we got this stuff working and the 
> firsttime/nodesetup stuff makes it really easy.
> Thanks & 73 de N2YGK & N2DVQ
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